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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  November 24, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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>> and now, "bbc world news america." >> the u.k. media ethics inquiry is told that the paparazzi drove an aurhor from her home. it is reported that a former prime minister has agreed to form egypt's new government at the request of the ruling military. this is the scene live in cairo. thousands of demonstrators refused to leave. italy's new premier is what comes into the fold in strasbourg. a warm while to bbc world news america. i am name is -- i am mike
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embley. remorseless. a convicted teenage burger tells his victim, it was -- burglar, tells his victim it was your fault, he left the window open. >> welcome to our be worse on pbs, in america at --around viewers on pbs, in america and around the globe. a woman is chased down by photographers. many have been telling alarming tales to the london acquirer. j.k. rowling spoke of her personal battle to protect her children. >> she has written books that
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had captivated millions of children around the world. it is an absolute rule that her own children are entitled to complete privacy. as she told the inquiry -- >> is significant portion of the press has seen that as a challenge. >> she recalled one incident after the birth of her son. >> we were beseiged for a week. i believe to the photographers had disappeared. i was able to get out of the house with my torture and the baby. -- with my daughter and the baby. i saw the photographer taking a picture from across the street. i put my daughter behind me.
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how i thought i was going to out to run a twnety-something while pushing a buggy. my daughter said, down -- calm down. >> she says a letter was slipped into the school back of her five year-old daughter. >> i felt a sense of invasion of my doctor's bag. -- daughter's bag. i cannot tell you how angry i felt that my five year-old aughter's school was place that was out of the reach of security for journalists. the attitude seems to be under the cavalier, in different. what does it matter?
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you are famous. you are asking for it. >> she says if you fought back from some newspapers, you can expect retribution. in the case of the actresss sienna miller, she says she faced daily pursuit by photographers. >> at midnight, running down a dark street with 10 men chasing me. and the fact that they had cameras in their hand, that was legal. if you take away the cameras, what have you got? you have a pack of men chasing a woman. >> photographer seem to know her movements. she accused her family of leaking information. >> there was a piece of information that four people knew about.
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i was careful to only tell my mother, my sister and two of my closest friends. they knew about this. i accuse my family and people who would never dream of selling any information. >> in fact, her phone was being hacked. when she saw the notes, this is what she found. >> dates referring to personal things in my life. all of my telephone numbers retrieved. my password to my e-mail that was used to pack my e-mail -- to hack my e-mail. >> the whole experience left her feeling violate it. >> in egypt, it is reported that
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a former prime minister has been asked to form a national salvation government. earlier, the ruling military insisted parliamentary elections will go ahead as planned on monday. the square is not blockaded by all of this. >> four days before what should be a triumphant celebration of democracy. troops are on the streets. barbed wire surrounds the interior ministry. there was the latest in a series of clashes. on state television, two generals appeared. they offered an apology for the deaths of protesters. they insisted they did not want to hold onto power.
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in this city, demonstrations continue to spread to many cities across egypt. the opposition claimed like fire is being used against them. the army firmly denies it has shot any protesters. after last night's apology, two more generals appeared to insist that elections will go ahead on monday. >> we will not relinquish power because of a slogan-chanting crowd. it is not a blessing. it is a curse. >> parliamentary elections are scheduled for monday. there is no campaigning going on. the moslem brotherhood is one of the parties that once them to happen. >> we need to bring be quiet back to egypt.
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>> act out in the square, there is an excess-- opinionback 0-- back out in the square, there is mixed reaction to the election. the crowds have not been impressed by anything they have heard. they are not going anywhere. we could be in store for a long stalemate. >> how certain is it that egypt is about to have a new government and how significant will that be? >> there are unconfirmed reports. the state newspaper is saying that sources -- the prime
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minister in the late 1990's met with members of the supreme council of the armed forces late in the day. there hasn't -- there has not been an announcement yet. he is trying to form a national salvation government. that is the term the demonstrators have been using. that is what they said they wanted as a way of moving faster from ministry ruled to civilian rule. >> how is that supposed to mesh with elections on monday if they can go ahead in this atmosphere? >> the elections are supposed to go ahead on monday as planned. the demonstrators are some -- demonstrators i spoke to were convinced of that. they were not convinced the security situation was right. there is a division among the
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public. there are pockets of big demonstrations taking place around the country. there are big rallies called after friday prayers. it is a day people are not working. it has the potential to bring a lot of people out on the street. walk away from these areas where you see the demonstrations going on and they say they want things to return to normal as soon as possible. i spoke to one man who said he did not understand why people were still demonstrating. he took part in the revolution himself. he said the only way to stop people from getting stopped in the square was to go ahead with the parliamentary election process. >> thank you. the arab league has given syria one day to agreed that an observer mission can enter the country or face sanctions. syria has been suspended from the leak because up its violent crackdowns on protesters.
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it has been set back the -- that the assad regime will fall soon. >> the border between turkey and syria. a closed country on the brink of civil war. it looks quite enough. refugees slip across all the time. among them, soldiers who rebelled against the syrian government. even though they are under turkish protection, they are not necessarily safe. there are certain refugee camps in this area. many of the people in them have been here for several months. a senior syrian officer lived here until late september. then he went out by bus to do some shopping in the nearby town. somewhere around here, the
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colonel disappeared. the assumption is that agents of syrian intelligence were waiting for him, grabbed him, and perhaps took him back over the syrian border. most people around here think he has been killed already. syrian refugees still come here to shop. they are more rarely now. some of them do not want to show their faces on camera. they know about the disappearance of the colonel. the turkish police keep an eye on them. they let us go through. the turkish army makes it hard to contact the leader of the syrian rebels. he has come across the border. all of the defecting soldiers are held in this one camp. while we were filming these pictures of the syrian soldiers, the turkish army came to rest of
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us and a judge had to get us free. the only reason -- the only way we could interview the colonel was by the internet. it was done at the last minute and it was bizarre, set up in a nearby -- firm -- farmyard. >> we assure everyone that the president of syria is finished. the syrian nation is determined to bring this dictator down. god willing, god willing very soon. the system is rotten to the core. it may look strong on the outside. at its heart, it is weak. >> the army will be more and more important as the situation gets worse. it is not civil war there yet. it does seem to be heading that way.
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john simpson, a bbc news, on the turkish-syrian border. >> much more to come, including this. on the line or over the line? has the time come to let technology have its say? thailand is beginning a clean up from days of devastating floods. dewater has not drained away from most areas. -- the water has not drained away from most areas. it has violently disrupted global supply chains. we have a report from bangkok. >> the big cleanup begins. piles of rubbish left behind as the water receded. layers of mold and mud. this store was ruined by the flood. he is building another one from
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scratch. >> i am using my savings to do this. it is time to move on. it is like i am starting a new life. >> the floods affected businesses small and large. one month ago, there was still hope that one industrial state might be saved. this is it today. concrete islands in a glistening like. hundreds of factories abandoned to the water. hundreds of thousands of workers now without jobs. a lot of these factories make components that are exported to other factories around the world to be assembled to make cars or electronics. what has happened here and the affect of all of this water is being felt around the globe. it will take months of hard work
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and billions of dollars of hard cash before thailand's recovers from this period more investment will be needed to prevent future disasters. the true cost of the worst floods for half a century is still being counted. >> let's update you on the headlines this hour on bbc world news. j.k. rowling told an inquiry of her anchor for finding a letter from a report in her -- anger after finding a letter from a --orter d in heraughter's school bagher daugh -- in her daughter's schoolbag.
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>> on the franco-german border, italy's new prime minister joined the big two. he wanted to send a message to the market that italy is in safe hands. what is this new triumvirate going to do to prevent the euro zone crisis from spinning out of control? >> faced with the gravity of the situation, we have told the prime minister that france and germany will propose some changes in the treaty to improve euro zone confidence. >> the idea of treaty change will not be welcomed by everyone. many are focused on trying to persuade germany to ease its opposition to allowing the central bank to use its unlimited firepower to protect
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countries struggling to service their debt. no sign of angela merkel budging. >> by modifying the treaty, we are talking about political cooperation. it is a different story. we have proposals. >> plenty for the new prime minister to ponder as he tries to turn the italian economy around. his country is too big to fail, but too big to bail. the euro zone needs them. >> we have shared our thoughts about the situation. help for the euro zone is a priority. it is fundamental that the euro stays. it is fundamental for european integration. >> they will meet again in rome. there is a new summit in a couple of weeks. there is a feeling that time really is beginning to run out.
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>> more of the main news for you. the indian cabinet approved its biggest economic reform in years, opening up its market to foreign markets. this paves the way for walmart to access india's the critz to give retail sector. three bombs have exploded in a southern iraqi city, killing 19 people and wounding 60. many of the dead were police officers who arrived on the scene of the first bomb. silvio berlusconi has lost his attempt to prevent evidence from being introduced in his corruption trial. there was a video that was recorded of him. this week should mark the beginning of the ski season in
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austria. there is a problem. there is no snow. >> the ski runs are green instead of white. the warm conditions in the mountains are beginning to worry the austrian ski industry. they have had to postpone their season openings. snow cannons are operating around the clock. this ski resort spent hundreds of thousands of your rose to make artificial snow. -- euros to make artificial snow. >> the hundred -- 300 to 500 are operational. >> in other parts of austria, it is too warm to run the snow cannons.
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there is an increased risk of forest fires. some austrians are trained to the snow. others are enjoying the winter sun. >> thanks to some new technology, one of soccer's trickiest issues is about to be resolved. >> over the line or not? a simple question, but one that hit the world cup hard last summer. fifa was prompted to rethink its longstanding position on technology in the sport. incorrect decisions will be stopped. the football association is eager to see it adopted. >> right across the game is
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another question in terms of how far they want to invest in the technology. >> other sports have embraced technology, with tennis players having the ability to challenge line calls. an inventor will recognize the challenges that the officials face. >> they say the ball is over the line. if you would like to come and check it, you should look directly across the line. the whole of the ball must cross the cold of the line. -- the whole of the line.
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>> that information gets into a computer. the referee sends a signal to his wrist watch. this happens in under one second. there is no delay in the game. there will be the end of injustices like this. results of the current test will be revealed in march with the final decision be revealed in july of next year. teenage burgular has released a letter saying he feels no remorse. >> it was supposed to be a letter of apology from a 16 year-old burgular to his victim. instead, it was unrepentant and rude.
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he says, i am not bothered or saree by the fact that our burgled your house. you did not close the curtains. you are dumb, thick enough to leave your downstairs kitchen open. >> i think it is obnoxious. it is not remorse in any way. he is being rude and making another point for himself. >> you should make sure your house is safe. it does not give you the right to go in and takes up for yourself. >> the 16 year-old wrote the letter to a household it charges -- he targeted here in leeds. the latter was never sent. the police who made it public say the latter is disgusting and shows the cold and his passion way burgulars target property.
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what about the victims in this suburb? some say the latter should be released. >> there are other ways of getting these messages across. >> the teenager finishes his letter saying, i do not feel sorry for you. i am not going to show any sympathy or remorse. his committee sentence has not been affected by what he wrote. >> consider yourselves told. if you are watching in the states, americans are celebrating thanksgiving. this is the traditional parade through new york. they expected more than 3 million people to live in the roofs. another 50 million people expected to watch on television. the canadian singer of fl on
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aoat -- on a float. if you are celebrating, happy thanksgiving. thanks for watching. >> make sense of international news at >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global strength to work for a wide range of financial companies.
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